Precious metal price forecast

Precious metal price forecast

Coin Precious metal price forecastan innovation zone will launch the insurance agreement coverprotocol (cover) at 13:00 on December 5, 2020, and open the cover / Eth and cover / busd trading pairs. The cover recharge channel is now open.

In response to the risk tips issued by twitter user dryrunner, the yfvalue development team of the defi project issued an announcement to respond, saying that the risk was caused by misoperation when deploying the fund pool. After consideration, the team has decided to keep its key to prevent the return of funds that users did not take from pool0. Once it is confirmed that all user funds have been withdrawn, the team decided to transfer ownership of these keys to the multi signer wallet on August 25 to authorize future user driven governance decisions. The transfer will be based on 3 / 5 multi signers or 7 / 11 multi signers. At present, yfvalue needs at least 4 co signers and up to 10 co signers. At present, the team has proposed candidates including bobbyong of coingecko, Michael of boxmining, LOI Luu, CEO of kybernetwork, Andre conje of yfi, etc. Previously, Lianwen had reported that Twitter user dryrunner had issued a comment warning users to withdraw funds from the yfvalue project of the defi project, because there was a risk that about $170 million in the agreement would be locked in by the contract owner.

AFI lending platform AAVE announced that V2 version will be launched into the main network, with new revenue and collateral exchange function, collateral repayment function (directly using collateral payment to calm down the loan position, collateral repayment function), lightning clearing function, batch lightning loan function (allowing developers to execute flash loans with multiple assets in the same transaction), and local credit authorization function (using credit authorization Borrowers can be institutions, enterprises, non-governmental organizations and cryptocurrency exchanges, gas optimization scheme (reducing the transaction cost of the agreement by up to 50%), debt token function (making local credit entrustment in AAVE agreement possible and allowing borrowers to manage their debt positions from cold money guarantees), fixed and floating borrowing rate functions. In addition, there are several new features in V2 Access channels, including argent, zapper, zerion, imtoken, and defisaver.

Coin Security Innovation Zone will launch dforce token DF on December 11, 2020 at 18:00, and open DF / Eth and DF / busd trading pairs. The DF recharge channel is now open.

Starkware, a blockchain privacy solution provider based on starkware, is headquartered in Netanya, Netanya, Israel. Two co founders of the company, Eli Ben Sasson and Alessandro chiesa, are also the founders of zcash. Its main goal is to further promote ZK Starks breakthrough blockchain privacy solution developed by Israel Institute of technology. It continues the zero knowledge proof protocol to protect the information privacy on the blockchain. On the one hand, it can support the compression of massive data into smaller samples, on the other hand, it is more efficient, transparent and secure than quantum computing. One of the advantages is to prove the privacy information while ensuring the integrity of the computation without consuming a lot of computing power.

Richard Ma, chief executive of quantstamp, a smart contract audit firm, said Prysm, the Ethereum 2.0 client, was "basically ready.". Richardma said that although many EthPrecious metal price forecastereum 2.0 clients have joined various test networks throughout the spring of 2020 to test and verify phase 0,

Opynopyn leveraged trading opyn, a financial risk management platform, aims to establish an unmanaged margin trading platform based on Ethereum, compound, uniswap and Dai. Users can make long or short erc20 tokens through the platform. It also plans to integrate other defi platforms to enable opyn to pool liquidity from multiple exchanges and loan platforms, thus providing users with the best price and lowest interest rate in the entire defi ecosystem. Opynocdai see more of the first eth put options expired, with total nominal trading volume reaching $428000 in 10 days. Opyn also issued the second eth put option, which will expire on April 24. The second eth put option is the same as the previous one, with an exercise price of $100. Opyn's eth put option can be used to protect the risk caused by eth price fluctuation, that is, if the ETH price falls below the exercise price, the ETH can be exchanged for usdc at the exercise price. The seller of the put option, that is, the provider of usdc, will bear the risk of eth price decline, but it can also obtain returns because of the price protection. According to the official website, the provider of usdc can obtain more than 30% annual income.

Link news, defo aggregate revenue agreement (yfi) the community has approved the yip51 proposal, the content of which is to set up the yvaultv2 fee structure, that is, to cancel the withdrawal fee of yvaultv2, and adjust the fee structure to 2% management fee and 20% profit performance fee. In addition, yvaultv2 is currently in the late stage of development, has started testing, and is undergoing security audit, which may take weeks before it is launched. At present, the profit performance fee of yvaultv1 is 5%, and the withdrawal fee is 0-0.5%.

Support anonymous credit lines without collateral, so as to effectively reduce the loan mortgage rate in the defi ecosystem and improve the utilization rate of funds. The model adopts the design of credit cooperatives"". In this mechanism, members of Dao organizations can obtain the corresponding shares through stakingdai or similar crypto assets that can generate interest based on the joint curve. The assets of stacking will be sent to other money markets to earn interest, and these interests will be aggregated into a lending pool,"

In an interview with the block, Coby ong, co-founder of coingecko, said the company was about to launch a special venture capital fund. It further pointed out that the process has reached the final stage, and some final documents and bank accounts need to be finalized, which is expected to be completed within one month. Up to now, coingecko has invested in 9 defi projects, including zapper, serum, frontier, paraswap, dune analytics APY.Finance And dodo. According to bobbyong, coingecko has invested in two other projects that have not yet been made public and are "actively considering other projects.".