Precious Metal Investment Company

Precious Metal Investment Company

The online ecological project Akropolis Akropolis aims to solve the problem of global pension deficit crisis, and hopes to be able to effectively manage the technical platform of pension funds. At the same time, it uses the principle of block chain distributed accounting to achieve transparent and efficient management of pension funds. Akropolis hopes to become a multi jurisdictional platform to provide pension, social welfare and future benefits in a portable way. Over time, individual end users and large institutional participants will form a new incentive system. Akropolis is helping to break away from the world of pension fund deficiencies and build a new, unchanging and transparent pension fund infrastructure based on smart contracts, which will greatly change the way people think about saving and investing. Its chief executive officer AnastasiaO.Andrianova He is an experienced special case investment expert with a strong interest in decentralization and blockchain, and is currently a member of the Web3 Foundation Advisory Committee; Sandra Wu, director and financiPrecious Metal Investment Companyal officer of the Executive Committee of the association of legal advisers, has more than 10 years of legal experience in M & A, corporate and securities law, and private equity fund formation; and Peter robe Rtson is a researcher in the UK actuarial industry, with more than 30 years of experience in pension, life insurance and asset management in developed countries and emerging economies; aylon Morley is an outstanding entrepreneur and investor, and an active member of the blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem; Adrian Manning completed his doctorate in theoretical particle physics from the University of Sydney in Adrian Focus on blockchain technology, cryptography and information security; Paul Hauner is an early adopter of blockchain and distributed ledger technology, and has experience in all stages of the implementation of blockchain services; Mehdi zerouali has returned to his love of hacker behavior since joining sigma prime, and has focused on blockchain technology, especially Ethereum platform; Victor Wiebe is a scrum master, Committed to the highest standards of software development cycle. His consulting team includes the famous financial Cryptologist Ian Grigg, CO inventor of triple entry accounting,

Ampleforth announced that a new round of geyser incentive plan will be launched next week. The new round of geyser incentive plan includes three projects, namely Pescadero, old faithful and beehive. Sushiswap, balancer and uniswap will be launched respectively, and 3.9 million ampls will be allocated to three geyser projects. This round of geyser incentive plan has updated the award multiplier, reducing the time limit of the maximum three times reward multiplier from 60 days to 30 days.

The cover token smart contract and shield mining smart contract are ready to be audited by the Arcadia group, a blockchain security company, according to a tweet from coverprotocol, a new type of insurance project. The Arcadia group has previously audited core, luaswap and valuedefi projects. Link note: the cover protocol is a new protocol reconstructed by the founder of safe, an insurance based mining project. It allows users to buy and sell insurance based on anything on a fully and scalable platform. In mid October, cover released the token distribution plan, which will be distributed on November 20, 2020. In addition, cover will also start shield mining to allocate governance tokens to users, allowing participants to cultivate cover governance tokens with their own net risk taking on the platform.

Wing, a cross chain platform based on ontology, was launched on September 12. According to the project, users can query the wing balance in the account after September 13 and withdraw it after September 16. According to wing's official website, about $58.34 million of ont has been deposited since the flash pool was launched. Wing also said that flashpool will open a 15 day mining activity on September 15 in currencies including ont, wbtc, ETH, usdt, usdc, Dai, Pax, SUSD and Neo.

Peckshield, a blockchain security company, announced that it has officially completed the security audit service for the DFI project yam Finance (yam) 2.0 smart contract. Yam2.0 will migrate the yam1.0 contract system. Meanwhile, the coin users can map 1:1 to make necessary preparations for the online mining products. Prior to this, yam1.0 project service was stranded due to a single line of code vulnerability, resulting in the permanent lock-in of 750000 ycrv tokens in the governance contract, and the secondary market price of its project token yam dropped by more than 99% in a few minutes. Lianwen previously reported that in mid August, yamfinance announced plans to launch a token migration program in the next few weeks. After a successful migration, the plan rewards some token holders, but this needs to be approved by a vote.

Keeperdaov1, an on chain liquidity underwriter based on defi, was officially launched on the main network. Keeperdao is an on chain liquidity underwriter jointly launched by talo, a distributed system development enterprise, and ambergroup, a digital asset management platform. It encourages token holders to participate in the liquidity pool through economic incentive strategies, so as to coordinate the clearing and rebalancing in margin trading, loans and exchanges. Keeperdao allows users to concentrate their funds in the Ethereum smart contract and obtain common interests through arbitrage and clearing opportunities on the chain. This not only allows all participants to obtain passive income by game, but also ensures the liquidity and order of financial applications. In order to maximize the use of idle funds, all assets in the fund pool will continue to provide loans to compound, dydx, etc. Keeperdao has not yet issued tokens, but the team told Lianwen that arbitrage and liquidity mining plans will be launched in the future to motivate liquidity providers. information, ambergroup is a digital asset management platform, which combines in-depth quantitative research and leading financial technology, and constructs a variety of quantitative trading systems, trading service Precious Metal Investment Companyprocesses and trading tools. Talo is a distributed system R & D enterprise, whose founder, Taiyang, is also the CEO of Republic protocol (ren).

Firecoin HBTC announced that it has officially reached a strategic partnership with MyKey, a multi chain smart wallet, to jointly promote the development of the blockchain industry,

Bitcoin mining operators and wallet company coin information released "defi ecological products", including liquidity mining, coin credit defi exchange and starcoin public chain in coin ecosystem. The proceeds from the liquidity mining can be sold directly on the exchange. In the future, Minxin will improve the exchange system to meet more trading needs of users. In addition, the starcoin public chain in Xinxin ecology is expected to be online from November to December 2020, start ecological construction in the first quarter of 2021, and support cross chain and difi two-layer network in the third quarter of 2021.

JST holders have the right to make management decisions on the just loan platform, and JST can be used to pay interest on CDP. The USD 1:1 mortgage is generated through a usd-1 secured TRX platform.