Advanced precious metals

Advanced precious metals

ISIS’ genocide and armed attacks continue. On Saturday, the Islamic State launched an attack on the largest Baiji oil refinery in IrAdvanced precious metalsaq. The raid lasted from late Saturday night to Sunday morning. A total of 37 militants were killed. In addition, it is reported that the murderer who brutally killed the American journalist Foley has confirmed that the Royal Air Force (SAS) special forces have entered the northern part of Iraq to search and kill the murderer.

Fortunately, the U.S. dollar index fell later, and some investors expected future inflation, which slightly pushed up the price of gold in recent months. According to Duan Shihua's analysis, the decline in the U.S. dollar index also indicates that safe-haven funds are leaving the U.S. dollar, and the market's risk appetite is rising.

Last year, the global gold investment volume shrank sharply, but the market demand for gold investment was strong. Yesterday, under the co-sponsorship of Gold Group Corporation, World Gold Council and Gold Mining Services Limited (GFMS), the "Gold Yearbook 2011" and the "2010 Gold Market Report" were officially released. GFMS predicts that the price of gold is expected in the second half of this year Break through the $1600 mark. >>Release the gold output value to another 100 billion level Compared with 2009, the global gold investment volume shrank by 10% last year to 1,675 tons, accounting for 39% of the total gold demand, the yearbook said, but in terms of value, Last year's total investment increased by 14%, setting a record high of nearly 66 billion U.S. dollars. Despite the decline in global gold investment, driven by India's strong recovery and sustained rapid growth in demand, global gold bullion investment increased by 350 tons in 2010, or 66%, setting a new record of 880 tons. Major indicators such as gold production, profit, and total industrial output all set record highs in 2010. The gold market reported that last year's gold production was 340.876 tons, an increase of 8.57% year-on-year, and it remained the world's number one for the fourth consecutive year. The total industrial output value created by the gold industry was 229.287.9 ​​billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 66.72%. This is after the total industrial output value of my country's gold industry broke through the 100 billion yuan mark in 2008, reaching 118.300.6 billion yuan, and it took only two years to reach a level of 100 billion yuan. According to the report, my country’s demand for gold last year was divided into two major areas: consumption and investment. Except for industrial raw materials, dentistry, arts and crafts, and some special one-off gold, jewelry manufacturing has grown for eight consecutive years since 2003, while gold bullion has been hoarded. Gold consumption is the fastest growing area in my country's gold demand, with an increase of 93.58% last year. In addition, as a financial investment target, gold also has the demand for asset preservation and investment profitability. This demand is called inferred net investment demand. Last year, in the context of rising gold prices, the inferred net investment volume in my country's gold market increased substantially by 81.38 %. >>It is predicted that the price of gold will exceed the $1,600 mark during the year, Cameron Alexander, senior analyst at GFMS, said yesterday that in the first half of this year, the global demand for gold jewelry was good, which means that the market is increasingly adapting to high prices. However, as gold prices are expected to reach new highs in the second half of the year and are highly volatile, the growth rate of gold jewelry in the second half of the year may slow down. GFMS predicted yesterday that the investment demand for gold will maintain good growth in the second half of 2011. The price of gold is likely to fall in the next one or two months. Cameron said that in addition, the investment structure is also changing. More shares are beginning to shift to physical gold, and a larger proportion of investment will come from Asian individuals. Investors, in particular, I think the price of gold will strengthen this year, and it is expected that it will exceed $1,600 per ounce before the end of this year, reaching a maximum of $1,620. Author: Hu laugh red Liwei Juan (Source: Beijing Times)

From the historical data point of view, the Fed’s first round of quantitative easing (QE1) was launched to the end, gold prices rose by 36%, and silver prices rose by 65%; the second round of quantitative easing (QE2) was launched to the end. Prices have risen by 20.6% and silver prices have risen by 40%.

Fiscal policy can easily trigger negative reactions in the financial market. In a sense, it is a crisis theory. It does not advocate that the government can borrow on a large scale at any time and under any circumstances, and issue new debts for a long time to repay old debts, which may cause a greater imbalance between economic growth and debt balance.

Tarek Saab, partner of Texas Precious Metals, said: Not all AmericansAdvanced precious metals believe that Trump's election will bring disaster to the United States, so there is no large-scale panic in the market. Most of our customers support Trump.

The operating model of EFSF funds mainly relies on Eurozone member countries with AAA credit ratings to provide a certain percentage of bond guarantees, issue high-credit-rated EFSF bonds for leveraged financing, and rescue countries with heavy debts such as Spain and Italy. At present, the upper limit of the risk position that EFSF can bear is 452 billion euros, which is also guaranteed by AAA-rated countries in the euro zone, of which Germany, France and the Netherlands provide 414 billion euros of financing guarantee. Once the AAA credit ratings of countries such as Germany, France and the Netherlands are downgraded by Standard & Poor's, ETSF funds must pay higher financing guarantee costs to allow investors to obtain investment safety guarantees.

International gold prices fluctuated in early trading on Wednesday (January 9). Market buying demand constituted a good boost to the price of gold, returning it to the 1660 level. However, there is still uncertainty as to whether the loose monetary policy of the United States will continue in the future. The market is cautious about the key bullish factors in this gold market.

On Thursday (July 19) in early Asia-Pacific trading, gold prices fluctuated in a range. Bernanke's testimony still did not speak out about the QE3 issue, and the price of gold continued to fluctuate downward overnight. And Merkel's remarks that the grand plan of the euro zone may face the risk of failure, so that the market's attention may gradually turn to the euro zone finance ministers meeting.

Recently, the international gold price hit a record high in the early stage, and exceeded $1,500 per ounce. The reasons seem simple: the US financial crisis is far from over, and the world has lost confidence in the dollar as a hedge currency; the economic situation in the Eurozone and Japan is not optimistic, the European and American stock markets are in a high position, and the stock markets are weak and other commodities are also at high positions. . Especially with rising inflation expectations, it seems that there is only gold left, the last fortress, that can ensure the value of wealth.