Dragon Age Originated Precious Metals

Dragon Age Originated Precious Metals

In today's global loose environment, is it an opportunity or a challenge for gold. In fact, the easing tide or the currency war did not start just these days, but from the moment Draghi announced thDragon Age Originated Precious Metalse OMT plan and Bernanke announced the QE3 plan last year.

We are now facing a problem. Everyone sells U.S. Treasury bonds, and the depreciation of the U.S. dollar will be faster; if no one else sells it, just one family buys it, and you can't resist it (the U.S. dollar depreciates). Li Lianzhong believes that relevant departments should make an appropriate choice between buying U.S. Treasury bonds and buying gold.

Compared with the performance of other investment assets worldwide, gold's performance in 2011 is still considered excellent. Based on the purpose of maintaining and increasing value and fighting inflationary pressures, as well as the reality of lack of investment channels for satisfactory returns, investors in the world market were enthusiastic about investing in gold last year. As far as the current world situation is concerned, the performance of gold in investment demand may continue throughout 2012.

The price of silver showed a slight weakness. The trend of the whole week was dominated by weak shocks. The price was still suppressed below the pressure line of the shock range. The key resistance of 41 was tried several times without breaking, and the price fell below the 5 or 10 day moving average in the second half of the week. The trend of silver deviates from the price of gold, which is in line with the author's previous judgment and is more of a commodity feature. Therefore, when risk assets are being sold, silver is not optimistic. Once the dollar rebounds, the trend of silver will continue to weaken.

There is a lot of fund buying in the market. Bill O'Neill, one of the principals of LOGICAdvisors, said in an interview with overseas media that the news that the IMF sells gold to the Central Bank of India means that IMF gold does not need to enter the open market, which reduces the potential supply of the gold market, and the agency is likely to Selling surplus gold in the same way is bullish for the gold market.

Unlike most institutions that arDragon Age Originated Precious Metalse optimistic that the second round of LTRO will boost the COMEX gold price to 1,800 US dollars per ounce, investment banks instead believe that this may be an opportunity to make profits. According to an investment bank's head of commodities department, this is mainly based on the fact that the investment bank found that India's gold demand and price in February have stabilized following the rebound of the Indian rupee. Short-term gold prices may not continue to rise due to the balance of supply and demand.

The design theme of this competition is to let love be boundless, and finally 6 sets of works won the award. In order to make the award-winning works no longer an out-of-art gallery art, while preserving the essence of the award-winning works, some elements are simplified. The new series of products represent revolution and rotation, strong complex, harmonious symbiosis, intimate guidance and love as Jinxiu and other 5 languages ​​of love. Among them, symbols such as feathers, cleats, and crosses are combined with precious gold as a carrier.

3. Fotis Kouvelis, the leader of the Greek Left Party (GreecesDemocraticLeftparty), who will play a decisive role in the process of re-election and establishment of a coalition government, said on Monday that whether to support Greece’s largest anti-rescue party depends on whether it can ensure that Greece remains in the euro zone .

On August 11, 2011, the first phase of the high-end interview series "Focus on Market Development in the Golden Decade" exclusively planned by Gold Channel invited Mr. Liu Shanen, the expert committee of the Beijing Gold Economic Research Center. He talked about the current concept of the gold market no longer being a market, but a market system composed of multiple markets. How to transition and choose from a unified leadership structure to a multiple leadership structure is a bottleneck problem encountered in the current gold market reform. How to effectively solve it will play an important role in the vigorous development of the future gold market.

A1: As there are many factors affecting international gold prices in 2015, my overall judgment on gold prices is still to look for opportunities for rebound in a weak market. This year's Fed's interest rate hike process, the strength of the US dollar and the weakness of commodities will continue to put pressure on gold prices. However, it is worth noting that there are also considerable uncertainties in the international market. Geopolitics and the instability of international monetary policy are expected to repeatedly stimulate demand for hedging and support the rebound in gold prices. Therefore, in the context of the intertwining of long and short factors in the international gold market in 2015, the international gold price may once again show a trend of range fluctuations. It is expected that the fluctuation range of gold prices will be between US$1,050 and US$1,400 per ounce.