Types of precious metals

Types of precious metals

This can only be said Types of precious metalsto be an accident. In a black swan event, no one can predict that there will be a bizarre drop in global gold and silver prices during our system upgrade. The customer service staff of the above-mentioned standard gold said that we can only deal with investors' complaints in accordance with the terms of the contract, and the deposit collected must be recovered.

However, judging from the central bank's subsequent statement, the authorities are more controversial about not raising interest rates for the time being, which may have something to do with the recent market turmoil. The Bank of Korea said on the same day that the interest rate resolution on that day was not unanimously passed, and that not raising interest rates does not mean that inflationary pressures will be reduced. In April, South Korea’s inflation rate reached 4.2%. This year, the country’s inflation has exceeded 4% for four consecutive months.

In just over a month, this newspaper has been linked to three complaints about gold speculation. Some salesmen of gold speculation intermediary companies secretly speculate on gold without the customer’s consent, causing the customers to lose their money. The reporter's investigation learned yesterday that various gold speculation companies and speculation businesses have sprung up, but they have been outside of supervision, and there have been frequent violations of regulations such as agent trading.

However, some IMF members slightly reduced their gold holdings in August. Mexico, which had significantly increased its gold holdings at the beginning of the year, reduced its gold reserves to 3.392 million ounces that month, and its reserves as of July were 3.398 million ounces. In addition, gold reserves in the Czech Republic, Mongolia and Uruguay also declined slightly.

However, during the period, the U.S. dollar and gold prices will rise and fall together. After the outbreak of the European debt crisis, the fall of the euro triggered a round of strength in the U.S. dollar. At the same time, the global inflation expectations triggered by the United States’ quantitative easing have not decreased, triggering crude oil as a representative. The high commodity prices in China also pushed up the price of gold. At present, the price of gold and the US dollar have temporarily returned to a negative correlation, and this relationship will continue to be maintained in the near future.

However, Crane added that at the moment gold is not without any good fundamentals, such as geopolitical instability, the cyclicalityTypes of precious metals of US interest rate tightening, and the demand for physical gold dominated by Asia. With the steady growth of India and demand, I believe it can benefit gold in the long term.

In today's global loose environment, is it an opportunity or a challenge for gold. In fact, the easing tide or the currency war did not start just these days, but from the moment Draghi announced the OMT plan and Bernanke announced the QE3 plan last year.

Affected by the European debt problem, international gold prices fluctuated mainly last week. After entering this week, supported by news that Germany and France will restructure the euro zone banking industry, gold followed the euro's strength, reaching a high of $1,684.36 per ounce at midday on Tuesday, the highest point since October. The price of gold closed at 346.80 yuan/g on Tuesday.

1. A Eurozone source said on Monday that the Eurogroup decided to assist Greece until 2014 instead of 2016. The disbursement of the latest batch of aid loans may be postponed to November 28. This batch of 44 billion euros of loans can be partly used to repurchase bonds.