Top precious metals

Top precious metals

When I go to work in the factory, I do heavy tasks such as sweeping the floor and moving. But because of diligence, he was promoted to supervisor not long after he entered the factory. For Liu Mengxiong, this can be regarded as smooth. If there weren't two accidental or even some magical incidents later, he might be justTop precious metals an outstanding working man, and he would not be the golden tycoon today.

However, there are also analysts who disagree. An analysis article in the Securities Journal believes that the Fed’s future withdrawal from the quantitative easing policy is an important factor leading to gold prices entering a bear market, and the decline in investment demand in India and other consumer countries will also be negative for gold prices in the medium and long term, and gold will enter a long bear market cycle. .

In the short term, the latest report released by Commerzbank indicates that the current trend of gold is still roughly the same as that of other commodity assets and stock markets. Therefore, even if the results of the EU meeting on Wednesday are released, it should not cause too much fluctuation in gold prices. The bank also said that with the introduction of a solution to the European debt crisis, gold prices may rise slightly. But if the results are disappointing, the safe-haven properties of gold will limit its downside.

The fiscal cliff itself is negative for precious metals. In fact, the fiscal cliff is essentially an increase in taxes. The increase in taxes corresponds to the reduction of the US government's deficit, and it also corresponds to the process of relative tightening of the government's currency. And precious metals are the buoys of the global financial water level, especially the dollar water level, so the relatively tight currency cycle will correspond to the decline cycle of precious metals. Sun Yonggang said.

From this analysis, although the US economy is recovering, the quantitative easing policy may be withdrawn early, because he had already proposed it at the June meeting, but in July he said that it may depend on the situation in the second half of the year. It can be seen that the United States may gradually withdraw from the implementation of quantitative easing until today, and Bernanke may also propose a standard for gradual withdrawal.

EuroPacificPreciousMetals Top precious metalsCEO PeterSchiff said that before rising, gold prices are expected to fluctuate around $1,600 per ounce for a period of time, and the factor that triggers the rise is the easing policy of the Federal Reserve (FED).